MT Bonnets, Silk Wraps & Melt Band

Sleep in MT with our stylish Bonnet and Silk Wrap. 

MT Bonnet

Our  Hair Bonnet is made from Silk Material which prevents friction to your hair and therefore preventing hair tangles and breakage. Your hair will stay luscious with less styling time. Our Bonnet will keep hair looking silky and strong so that you can roam free in bed. 

Silk Wraps

Our silk Wraps are especially created for frontals and closure. MT want your lace installs to last and set in place therefore we have carefully custom silk wraps size to fit lace perfectly. your silk wraps can be worn whilst sleeping to prevent your lace moving or can be used when setting baby hair. 

MT Melt Band

You can now achieve a flawless install in the comfort of your home with the help of our adjustable melt band. It melts your lace units to perfection. Highly recommended for a seamless, professional Lace melt.