Chocolate Caramel Drizzle
Chocolate Caramel Drizzle

Chocolate Caramel Drizzle

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Chocolate Caramel Drizzle (CCD)

A gorgeous unit that is inspired by coffee caramel tones.

This Unit gives all the FEELS of warm, luxurious, chocolatey and buttery Caramel drink on a hot summers day. CCD is grounded by chocolate tones throughout the unit with drizzles of caramel tones 

Model is wearing 

- 3x 20"/ 200% density MT RAW unit

-13x4 20" HD Frontal 

-Custom Coloured

-Face frame layer cut & styled into CCD

RAW Hair: Unit was made using our Luxurious RAW bundles ( luxury at the tip of your fingers)

Custom Wig: Means a wig that is Hand made specific to your head size, nape to front, and ear to ear. IF you opt for this option, wig will be hand sewn by MT.

Readymade wig:  Is a factory made wig.

Example of a wig option:

18inch wig (200%) means your wig will be made from 3 bundles of 18inch hair with

18inch Frontal/Closure. 

Why Add CCD to  your collection

  • Can be worn Glue-less: which allows minimal maintenance
  • Ready to wear: Knots bleached, hairline plucked to mimic a scalp and natural hairline. We do all the work so you don't have to.
  • Gorgeous, Blond unit that is grounded by brown tones, sure to make you look and feel comfident and expensive. A Wig  like no other, exclusive and expensive looking unit.
  • HD Lace: Gives you the most realistic scalp the perfect melt and gives a seamless hairline.
  • Transparent Lace (TP): Our TP Lace is made from flexible and thin lace material that blends very well on skin.
  • Versatile: allows versatility and can be styled in a middle or side parting
  • RAW Hair Bundles lasts 5years+

A show stopper she is !

What you are paying for

  •  hair bundles + Frontal hd/swisslace that is made into a wig (custom/readymade), bespoke to your head measurements
    • custom colour Balayage from natural black into CCD
    • Lace Customising (knots bleached, hairline plucked) and styled

Want more bundles/ longer length/wider lace(13x6) added to your unit? (that is not down as an option) send us a DM, or chat with us on here to get your perfect customisation.